Printing and saving labels

  • How do I print documents?

    Click on the “Print preview” button on the toolbar at the right. A preview window is displayed. Here you can select “Print settings” to modify the print layout. Use the arrows at the margins of the label sheet or type in values for the x axis (layout moves to the left or right) or y axis (layout moves up or down).

    Click on “Print / Create PDF”. A PDF document will be generated which you must download to your PC. The label sheet will be displayed on your screen before you download it. This is a good opportunity to check it before printing. Save the PDF file on your computer and open it.

    You can then print the document on a suitable label sheet in the usual manner.

    To ensure that the label design is exactly placed on the sheet, HERMA LabelAssistant online automatically sets “Page Scaling” in Adobe Reader to “None”.

    Note: The perforated lines on the labels are not shown in the PDF document; otherwise, they would be printed out.

    If the PDF file is opened in your browser, first save it on your hard disk. Do not print from your browser window as this can lead to incorrect placement.





  • What if the printing is offset or crooked?

    Owing to technical differences between printers, the label sheets may not be fed in a straight line. In many cases this can be remedied by using the single-sheet feed.

  • The printed image of the PDF is good, but it is offset.

    When you print from Adobe Reader, make sure that you have selected “Actual size” under “Page Sizing & Handling”.

  • How do I save documents on my hard disk?

    If you want to resume editing your label design at a later time, you can save your document locally. Click on the "File" button and select “Save file locally"". The file will be downloaded to you, where you can save it on your hard disk (file extension “eao”).

    Tip: To edit a file that was saved on your hard disk, click on "Open file" on the home page of HERMA LabelAssistant online.

    The file cannot be edited with local software.

  • How do I save documents online?

    If you want to resume editing your label design at a later time, save your document online by selecting “File – Save online” under "File". A window will open where you can enter the file name.

    Note: To save your labels online, you must be registered in HERMA LabelAssistant online and be logged in. (How do I register?)

  • Why does LabelAssistant online redirect me to the HERMA home page when I click on “Print”?

    Please empty your Browser cache. LabelAssistant online should then work correctly.